eBay Custom Template Design


Have you ever considered how important the design of your eBay shop is? You might have seen other sellers with custom eBay store designs and laughed them off as a gimmick that doesn’t really have any effect on sales.It’s all about the product, right? Maybe you’d be surprised to learn then that on average an eBay store with a custom design is receiving up to 30% more sales than your standard template.

That’s because eBay is just like any other sales outlet physical or virtual. With so many professional sellers occupying the listings on eBay it’s vitally important to ensure your store is eye catching, memorable and stands out in the crowd.Consider you’re walking the floors of a huge shopping centre. All the stores are selling similar items but they are also all branded in exactly the same fashion. Not only that but the branding is bland and somewhat dated. Then you come across another shop, this one is completely different, with a custom logo, incredible design and an inviting feel.

All of the stores are selling the same products but which would you buy from? The same applies to eBay. Whether you’re already running an eBay shop or you’re thinking about setting one up (get a marketing report first!) we can help you get your store noticed.


  • Custom Branding - your specification
  • Top Navigation Links
  • Fully Compatible in All Browsers
  • Image Optimization
  • Customized Store Categories
  • Advanced Search Features - Shop By Price, Brand,
  • Custom Promo Boxes
  • Dynamic Listing Categories - Automatically Updates
  • Dynamic Related Products Slider - Automatically Updates
  • Dynamic Footer
  • Dynamic "Buy It Now" button on listings
  • Featured Items
  • Tabs functionality on listings
  • Side Promotion Section
  • Watch This Item, Add to Favorites, Contact Seller icons
  • Listing is compatible with many eBay Solutions
  • eBay Database Design
ebay difference
  • Customized header section, which includes logo, banners, top navigation or any type of design you want. We customize based on your previded details.
  • Customized eBay default search bar.
  • Customized side navigation to match your design. (These are dynamic and created by eBay so you do not need to change anything)
  • Customized side eBay promo section.
  • Customized footer section. Based on your design. Typically used for socials and other releavant information such us as copyright.
  • Customized top promo section. We customize the promo sliders. Choose from two individual sliders or one full width slider. (This is dynamic and created by eBay).
  • Customized product section. We create this section to blend into your design. (All products are brought in from ebay and are dynamically displayed. You do not need to change anything).
  • Customized dynamic product slider which updates every 24 hours with listings based on keywords you choose.
  • Customized banner section. You can use this section to add graphics text or anything you would like, with all our designs you can easily promote products on your homepage.

Pricing and Options

You need a custom eBay design for you:

You can have all of this and more for a one time fee of just £360.

Call or e-mail today and find out how we can help you maximise that stagnant profit that’s just sitting in your eBay store waiting to be drilled into.

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