Social Media Management For Twitter, Facebook and more.

social media marketing

It’s time to start treating social networking like the serious business tool it has the potential to be. Time, though, is often the issue.You probably already have a good understanding of how social media marketing is the quickest and cheapest channel for reaching a huge number of customers. But don’t have the time or understanding of how to capitalise on it.That’s where we come in. Today the world is more connected than ever and if you’re not already tapping into the rich vein that is the social media market - you really need to start. Facebook and Twitter alone have a combined user base of over 1.5 billion.

Social Media Services

Just as with our SEO Services [LINK] our Social Media Management packages are also fully customisable. We can help you set up, manage and exploit any network you choose. And advise on those best for your business.

We can help you create a profile and build a following on:

Google+, Instargram, Linkedin, Slideshare and more.

Bespoke Social Media Management

Our bespoke pricing plans are tailored to your specific needs.Sometimes you’ll just need us to set up a single account on one network and show you how to run it. Other times you might want a presence for your business across three networks and have us manage it on a daily basis. Whatever your needs we have the experience and the plan for you. As always, there’s no joining fee or monthly comital but we suggest a minimum of 2-3 months to start seeing the many benefits of social media marketing. You will receive monthly reports filled with data outlining the activity we have created through your social media accounts.

SMM for E-Commerce

Facebook and Twitter marketing are vital to the success of any online store. Building a following on these networks can be invaluable for your website. As you’ll know, every time a user ‘likes’ your site on Facebook or mentions you on Twitter, you’ll be gaining exposure to their whole network.We can man a social media account for your e-commerce site, promoting new ranges, launching products and running competitions.

SMM for Business and Personal Promotion

Social Media Marketing can be extremely effective for growing your small businesses online profile and creating an audience for your product/service.If you own a small business or are a freelancer, writer, artist etc. seeking personal promotion and an instant audience - get in touch to find out how we can help.